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New Zealand’s natural environment, climate, location and clean air make it ideal for almost every kind of food production. Located in the South Pacific, the country has the light of Spain and the climate of Bordeaux, covers the area of Italy, and has the population of Singapore.

Environment – it’s a plant paradise. 

New Zealand’s position in the world provides the right ingredients to grow a wide variety of healthy produce. Great soil, clean air, plenty of water, and a temperate climate – they all create the perfect growing conditions. There are fewer pests and diseases than in other countries, and a lot more space to grow. That’s why New Zealand growers produce more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables every year on 120,000 hectares of land.

Health – healthy food, for all, forever. 

More sun means healthier food. New Zealand’s higher summer UV levels help produce higher levels of natural antioxidants in the skin, flesh, and seeds of fruit. Fresh, quality food that tastes good and is high in nutritional value promotes wellbeing, both for consumers in New Zealand and the rest of the world. 

Safety – eat up, no worries.

New Zealand grown produce is safe to eat. It’s grown to international standards and codes of best practice. In fact, their food safety net programmes score 100/100 on the Global Food Security Index. Consumers know they can trust the New Zealand brand.

Kaitiakitanga – it’s all about respect.

This Māori principle of kaitiakitanga means that the land is a resource to be respected. New Zealand growers care for the land, with future generations in mind. They have respect for the environment and use sustainable techniques to ensure they can grow healthy food for a long time.

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*A survey of 57,000+ people in the G7 countries and Russia ranked New Zealand 4th out of 55 countries for reputation. Source: Reputation Institute 2020

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